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Heikki Moisio is a trombone player and has been collecting brass musical instruments since 1975. The total quantity of instruments in the collection is 318. There are also ca. 400 mouthpieces for brass instruments, old photos, books, posters, litographs, miniatures, etc.

The collection consists of 31 ethnic instruments, 2 free reed signal horns, 3 cornetts, 2 serpents, 2 ophicleides, 1 keyed bugle, 11 bugles, 50 trumpets, 33 cornets, 5 Sax horns, 9 flugel horns,1 ballad horn, 19 French horns, 95 trombones, 15 valve trombones, 8 alto horns, 15 baritone horns, 10 euphoniums, 7 tubas.

Over 75 % of the instruments have been made before 1945. The oldest ones are the unsigned serpent ca. 1750 and the Courtois Frère orchestral hand horn dating from ca. 1830 and Serpent Forveille ca. 1830.

Of the other rarities in the collection the following can be mentioned: 6-keyed bugle by Metzler & Co., ca. 1840, 9-keyed ophicleide by J.C. Labbaye, ca. 1850, b flat trumpet with Vienna valves, ca. 1850, full double c/b flat/a trumpet with two mouthpipes and double rotary valves by B. Fulík, ca. 1930, and from the same maker a 4-rotary valve echo trumpet, circular Tzar/Kaiser cornet by V.F. Cerveny, ca. 1880, upright cornet with removable bell front bell by Adolphe Sax, 1866, ballad horn in C by Boosey & Co., 1890, dragon-head belled bass trombone in F, probably by C.J.J. Tuerlinckx, ca. 1840, B flat tenor helicon by Ahlberg & Ohlsson, 1923, F/C bass helicon with 5 Berlin valves by Ahlberg & Ohlsson, 1905, S.R. Leland & Son,slide/valve combination trombone ca.1890, valve trombone with 6 independent valves by D. & P. Lebrun ca. 1930, French horn with Vienna valves by Leopold Uhlmann ca.1880,Trompe de Chasse by Francois Perinet, ca.1875 and F-trumpet by Ahlberg & Ohlsson 1852.

95 % of the instruments are in their very good original conditions , or restored.

Over 90 % of the instruments are signed. Of these 128 different manufacturers also the following can be mentioned: Gebr. Alexander, A. Apostol, G. Butler, A. Dehmal, F. Van Cauwelaert, W. Fischer, P.L. Gautrot, F.A. Heckel, J. Higham, H. Keat & Sons, Ed. Kruspe, F. Kuhn, A.Z. Lecomte & Cie, C. Mahillon, Fr. Millereau, C.W. Moritz, E. Paulus, Fr. Schmidt, R. Heber, A.Sprinz, F. Sudre, O. Ullmann, E.R. Voigt, G.A. Wagner, J.V. Wahl, C.A. Weber, J. Wolf.


A complete catalogue available. Visits by appointment.